About Us

Initially started in 2012 as a different brand, M&S Events became a part of M&S Holding and created a stronger corporate identity. We work with the driving idea of facilitating a greater vision of turning Nepal into an emerging destination for events. We want to break that mold, and to do that we have an energetic group of creative minds working to take the Nepali event industry forward to an international level.

We are good at what we do but we are also constantly striving to better ourselves. We try to improve and learn a little every day. We believe that we have the drive to build a company that will be known globally for our quality events. We are competing for a different share in the Nepal market which, we believe, is unexplored till date, “Events Tourism”.

With a clear vision and unwavering focus, we have organized one of Nepal’s greatest, grandest and loudest events during the celebration of colors, Holi, titled ‘Color Republic’. We aim to enrich lives and lifestyles, and we want to imprint our local destinations as well as our culture, globally.

Its best to do one thing really well and for us, that is to take Event Tourism to an entirely new level in Nepal.